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8 Reasons to Hire Our Team of Exterminators

Are you besieged by bedbugs? Are grasshoppers destroying your garden? Are ants, roaches, termites and other creepy-crawlies casting a thousand tiny shadows over your life? Bugs and small rodents are more than just an annoyance. In great numbers, they’re also a serious health and home hazard. Not only can they carry all kinds of diseases, but if they gain a stronghold in your walls, they can cause structural damage and even reduce the property value of your house!So what do you do if you’ve been infested? Some people buy pesticides and hope for the best. Others spend hundreds of dollars trying home remedies and do-it-yourself extermination systems.

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If you’re serious about protecting your family from bugs, however, there’s only one proper course of action. You’ll need to call in the experts for professional help. Here are just eight reasons to hire a pest control company instead of tackling the problem on your own.

1. Certified Extermination Techniques

There’s more to killing bugs than just whacking them with a newspaper. In order to successfully and permanently rid yourself of infestations, you’ll need to understand what they eat, how quickly they breed and the best way to kill them in mass numbers. You’ll need to understand their life and death cycles and everything in between. Professional exterminators can do that and suggest multiple methods of extermination based on things like the size of your home and the estimated number of eggs inside your walls. They’ll also have real-world experience in getting rid of them as opposed to general advice from a web article.

2. Affordability

Many homeowners try to tackle bug problems themselves because they believe it will cost them less than it would to hire someone. Then they spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on sprays, traps, baits, bombs, invisible fences and bug-zapping lights. Sometimes they even knock out walls or re-lay carpet in a fruitless endeavor to ferret out the insects! While exterminators may cost a little more in upfront costs, they’ll save you a bundle in the long run because you only have to hire them once.

3. Safety

Quick question: What does the warning label of your Raid say? Most people can’t answer because they’ve never even looked at it, much less seriously weighed the pros and cons of exposing their children to the risks of certain chemical compounds. They just point and spray without regard to how the pesticides might affect their quality of life. With professional exterminators, however, you can be sure they’ve considered the safety of their products before use.

4. Identification of the Pests

If you aren’t sure what to call those wiggling black shapes in your sink, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners have no idea what kind of little insect has invaded their walls even when they see them up close and personally, and identification is a key component to extermination. For example, did you know that some species of ant will completely ignore sweet traps? They just aren’t bred to be attracted to it. If you don’t hire a pest removal professional, you could be laying sweet traps forever and not doing a thing to solve your infestation.

5. Better Results

Over-the-counter pesticides may or may not work. The rats may or may not be interested in your cheese. There’s really no way to tell what techniques will be successful because every infestation is different. This is where the experience of pest control expert really comes in handy: They’ve seen it all, so they’re better equipped than you are to evaluate the severity of your bug problem. They’ll also know the fastest and most efficient ways of solving it.

6. Less Danger to You

Don’t knock down that beehive. Don’t overturn that hill of fire ants (check out this video first). It’s very, very easy to get swarmed by insects in droves, and in addition to the risk of painful stings, you never know when you might be allergic and susceptible to a fatal reaction. Call in the professionals and let them handle dangerous infestations. Not only will they have a better idea of what they’re dealing with, but they’ll also have the protective gear required to safely enter insect domain.

7. Long-Term Protection

Extermination by exterminators usually lasts much longer than extermination by individual homeowners. This is because their products are better and their techniques are superior, so you won’t have to worry about the bugs coming back for months or even years. Compare that to a lifetime of laying a jasmine and honey mixture along your windowsill, and the better option is obvious. If you just want to get rid of those blasted bugs and be done with it, you’re going to need professional extermination services.

8. Guarantees

Most stores won’t let you return a half-empty bug spray with the complaint that it doesn’t work. Most pest control businesses, on the other hand, will return to your home at no charge if the bugs come back within a certain period of time. They offer guarantees that no single product can match, and as a result, you can rest easier knowing that your home will be protected without requiring you to break the bank. Some companies even offer full returns or money-back guarantees if your pest problem isn’t 100 percent eliminated!

These are just a few reasons to consider our pest control company instead of do-it-yourself extermination. If you’re serious about blasting away your home bugs for good, you’ll need the help of the experts.

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What Does a Pest Control Company Do?

Pest Control 101

For homeowners who have an infestation of insect or rodents, a pest control removal company can act like a superhero. They can protect your house and your family from unwanted guests like termites or snakes. The following article will explain both what they can do for you. Finally, it will discuss the best practices of hiring a pest control company.

The Purpose of a Pest Control Company

A pest control company, commonly referred to as an exterminator, works to help remove common pests from homes, commercial buildings and other properties. They use specialized equipment to provide chemical (or non-chemical) treatments to remove insects or other pests from the area. A pest control company will also work with the owners to provide preventative measures to prevent future infestations.

Pest control companies are often called in to deal with common insects or pests like fleas, cockroaches, spiders, termites, scorpions, ants or bed bugs. They can also deal with animal pests like mice, rats, snakes or birds. Local pest control companies are well versed in local pests as well as common pests that can be found throughout the country.

A Day in the Life of an Exterminator

A day in the life of an exterminator is dynamic. The day usually begins with a vehicle inspection to make sure that they can transport their tools and chemicals safely from site to site. Many exterminators visit several sites per day, and so they must check both the client list and the stock list so that they can work effectively.

In many cities, an exterminator is assigned to a certain zip code or gridded area. This is an effective way for companies to work because they can become familiar with a neighborhood and be aware of the pests that are in certain areas that may be likely to spread.

Most of an exterminator’s day is spent performing routine maintenance for a company’s existing customers but sometimes they get urgent calls from new customers who require urgent treatment from a dangerous pest.

Despite all of their technical equipment, the days can be long for an exterminator. There is a lot of climbing and crawling in this job, and it requires patience and dexterity. Some pests are also dangerous because they can bite or sting so exterminators must work carefully.

EPA Guidelines for Getting Rid of Insects & Small Animals

If you have a problem with local pests, there are six things that you should check before you choose to hire a pest control company, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

1) Check Their License

Always ask to see a current and valid license issued by either your state or local agency. You should also find out if their employees are bonded. A bond protects you and your home in case the exterminator accidentally does damage to your home.

2) Discuss a Treatment Plan

Always discuss a treatment plan before you agree to have any work done. This will show the professionalism of the company. It will also allow you to understand what the problem is and how it can be fixed. You can also discuss alternatives if you are trying to avoid chemicals in your home.

3) Check Their References

Check the references of the pest control company before you agree to any services. Ask people you know about the company to learn if they had positive or negative experiences with them.

4) Proof of Insurance

Always ask to see proof of liability insurance when you hire any contractor of company. Their professional insurance will cover certain common accidents while they are using pesticides in customers’ homes. It also protects the exterminator in case he is injured on the job.

5) Guarantee

Ask the company whether or not they formally guarantee their work. Be wary of companies who do not do so. Make sure that you discuss the guarantee in depth. The extermination process usually requires maintenance on behalf of the homeowner. If the homeowner lets the maintenance lapse and the problem returns, this will often make the company’s guarantee invalid.

6) Affiliations

Ask your exterminator whether or not they belong to a local or national branch of a professional association. To join professional associations, members usually have to agree to a code of ethics. They are also kept up to date with the latest regulations, safety procedures and research in their field.

A pest control company can save your home from damage caused by pests. They also keep your family safe from dangerous pests like wasps or snakes. While a pest control company should be able to remove the pest, homeowners must also follow their directions to prevent any future infestations. You should always take care when hiring any new contractor to ensure that you hire a reputable company.